Frequently asked questions


Do I have to pay for my vaccinations?

Yes, all the vaccinations we provide are for a fee.  Our price list can be found on this website.

However, check with your GP first before you make an appointment here as some of the vaccinations may be available to you free of charge from your doctor.

Can I get my malaria tablets from you?

No, we can advise you on what is available but you will then need to buy the tablets.  You can also get advice from your GP who will be able to give you a private prescription which will enable you to get your tablets from any chemist.  You will still have to pay for the tablets.

Do I have to have a Yellow Fever vaccination?

It depends!  Some countries insist that you have a certificate to prove that you have had a Yellow Fever vaccination before they will allow you entry.  We are an official Yellow Fever centre and can provide both the vaccination and the certificate.

Some countries, which don’t necessarily require you to be vaccinated, will insist on it if you have travelled somewhere else where yellow fever might be at risk of transmission.